Park 3D Action MMO Engine
In response to this essay. While every single paragraph is interesting on it's own, in this case they are worth less than the sum of their parts. Intuition is a mix of physical and human experience, and that is how you predict the future. For example, I predict SBC (like Raspberry 4 and Jetson Nano, maybe RISV-V if we're lucky or Intel Atom if we're unlucky) will become the main form of client computing before the end of this decade, ending not only closed ARM (Apple, Google and Nintendo) but also the X86 empire (Intel, AMD, Microsoft and Sony) because of three reasons: - Everyone wants to make something open that they own (all wares*) and therefor can sell and repair. As opposed to consume something closed (on closed wares*) that they have to pay for and eventually rent (the app stores are rent). - Computers are not getting better, so if you buy quality; you could use it for the rest of your life. Which is why I'm trying to build the final computer: Raspberry (5W), but Jetson Nano (10W) or Intel Atom 8-core (25W CPU) + PCIe 4x GT 710 (20W GPU) is more probable to be the last option that can run on lead-acid with local solar and wind production! - Electricity is not an energy source. It's price is physically required to increase as dead trees EROEI goes down. This intuition that the end of closed money is going to topple both before the end of this decade is based on my understanding of human behaviour and energy; this leads to my final, seemingly unrelated, conclusion: - 3D multiplayer is the final medium, it's the only safe place to be during this decade. And that is not something I can prove, but it's something that will need to happen. That is how you predict the future, you make it happen! Nokia did not faulter: Apple, Google, Unity, Unreal, Minecraft and Roblox (AGUUMR) made the future happen; I'm convinced AGUUMR will not faulter. But I (or someone else) will make the future happen by making a better Unity/Unreal, that runs better on open-wares* and has better graphics/animations/multiplayer/physics than Minecraft/Roblox. *wares = hard, firm and soft ecosystem, meaning open will win over closed. Park 3D Engine (preview) Fuse Multiplayer Online Standard "In other words, today’s cloud and mobile companies — Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, and Google — may very well be the GM, Ford, and Chrysler of the 21st century."1